Flagship: Centurion Enzo FS22

October 30, 2015
Centurion Boats

When Centurion first released the FS22, it was apparent they had something innovative and different, but it wasn’t until the wakeboard and surf wakes were tested that we would truly call this a flagship. The FS22 brought the company to a new level for technology and forward-thinking features, but more importantly, it put Centurion on the map for elite wakeboarding. A high-end wake maker has a lot of bells and whistles that both create and shape the wake, and the FS22 is no exception. Among the best features is the Ramfill ballast, which floods the hull subfloor and adds massive amounts of water weight in literally seconds. It adds so much weight that you won’t even need it all to get a solid wakeboard wake. The system empties almost as quickly as it fills. On top of that, conventional ballast lets you dial in the boat’s weighting configuration, or alternatively, just hit the button to adjust the CATS fin, on the bottom, which rotates to change the boat’s attitude and help dial in the wake. It goes almost without saying, but we should mention that the FS22 also surfs really well. In fact the FS22 has one of the best surf waves in the line, which is a real statement when you’re talking about a company as surf-centric as Centurion. New for 2015, Centurion came up with a surf system called the QuickSurf Pro, which promises evenly weighted surfing on the FS22. Inside, the FS22 has plenty of storage and seating, so you’ll be able to bring a group of friends and all their gear. The Maximus tower folds easily, holds board racks and tower speakers, and has integrated LED lighting that will be a huge hit at night.

Centurion Boats

Dig This: The Centurion Touch Vision screen is the digital brain of the FS22, which means you can control all the boat’s features right from the helm. Wake shaping, audio, lighting, ballast, speed control and more are all controlled without ever moving from the helm.

Stat: The FS22 has the first new hull design for Centurion since 2004. The model ushered in the FS line, which now consists of the FS33 and FS44. The FS22 is the best in the Centurion line for people who want surf and wakeboard crossover potential in the same boat.

Length 22’3″
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 4,850 lb.
Fuel Capacity 71 gal.
Seating Capacity 14
Standard Ballast 1,000 lb.
Maximum Ballast 3,650 lb.
Standard Horsepower 343 hp
Maximum Horsepower 450 hp

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