Drone Wakeskating With Brian Grubb

For his latest Red Bull adventure, the legendary wakeskater gets pulled by a drone

  • It goes without saying that pulling a wakeskater under a bridge with a drone takes some serious timing and coordination.Courtesy Red Bull
  • Brian Grubb headed to Slovenia for his latest wakeskating adventure with Red Bull, but this one was way different than any other he'd ever done. Rather than being pulled by a winch, cable, or boat, this time Grubb was pulled by a drone.

  • The drone, created by Infineon Technologies, was large enough to pull Grubb for 10 minutes at a time. To say that drone technologies are advancing would be an understatement. It's pretty incredible for a rider of Grubb's size to get pulled as easily as he does, while carving and doing tricks, that pull against the drone. Watch the full video above.