Do's & Don'ts w/ JB O'Neill

  • JB is talented both on the water and with a camera. He's known for his sick edits, sending tricks into the flats, and hitting some of the sketchiest obstacles imaginable. He's traveled around the world and documented all of it. Here's some advice from the man himself.

  • JB isn't afraid to send it.Mitchell Hintze
  • Living at a cable park in a foreign country for an extended period of time

  • Do: Bring lots of back up boards.
    Don't: Forget about your friends back home.

  • Creating the perfect edit for your latest trip

  • Do: Start as soon as you can.
    Don't: Procrastinate.

  • Traveling the country and living out of your van

  • Do: Stop at Jibtopia, the hospitality was awesome.
    Don't: Travel with others who don't like each other (it's a nightmare).

  • Flipping onto a rail

  • Do: Commit.
    Don't: Second guess yourself.

  • Finding that perfect winch spot

  • Do: Use Google Earth.
    Don't: Expect to not get kicked out.

  • Flying a drone

  • Do: Fly extremely close.
    Don't: Crash.

  • Charging into the flats

  • Do: Send it.
    Don't: Catch an edge.

  • Hitting something super sketchy

  • Do: Get lucky.
    Don't: Get unlucky.

  • Riding in Texas

  • Do: Go to Next Level Ride.
    Don't: Get dehydrated.

  • Eating in Asian countries

  • Do: Eat a ton of green curry in Thailand.
    Don't: Expect Philippines food to be good.