Compact: Super Air Nautique 210

November 3, 2015
Nautique Boats
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If you’ve ever ridden the Super Air Nautique 210, you already have a fondness for its crisp wakes and solid overall user experience. That feeling is only going to be enhanced when you check out the revamped 210. The majority of the changes were cosmetic, but Nautique made some subtle tweaks to the performance with the intention of making the hull work better with the Nautique Surf System, and it made a huge difference. The result is a 21-footer that throws a bigger-than-average wave with a solid shape and plenty of push. NSS allows you to keep the boat evenly weighted and surf either side whenever you want. You can also do transfers, and the strong push coupled with the symmetrical waves puts them within reach of the average rider. Tweak the curl to more or less mellow with corresponding length directly from the dash. The wakeboard wake is every bit as solid and versatile as it always has been. Inside, you’ll love the G-Series makeover on this legendary hull. Marine-grade foam covers places where people are likely to walk, rear-facing seating lets you face the action, and a sun pad walk-through makes a clear path to the water. The exterior got an upgrade as well, with new graphic options and a sleek, relieved logo area that adds some texture to the boat’s sides. The Flight Control Tower is every bit as solid as it’s always been, and the easy fold function is one of the best in the industry.

Nautique Boats

Dig This: The 210 is one of Nautique’s most affordable boats because some of its features can be scaled up or down based on how much you’ll use them and how much you want to pay. We recommend upgrading the ballast to max levels, but if you need to skip on the stereo or creature comforts like the heated driver seat, you can certainly save yourself some money.

Stat: The 210 was born of the first Nautique wake-specific boats on the market, with a loyal following spanning nearly two decades. The Air Nautique series was blended with the Super Sport Nautique to create the Super Air Nautique name that all the high-level Nautique wakeboats have today.

Length 21’
Beam 98”
Dry Weight 4,200 lb.
Fuel Capacity 37 gal.
Seating Capacity 12
Standard Ballast 1,150 lb.
Maximum Ballast 1,750 lb.
Standard Horsepower 343 hp
Maximum Horsepower 450 hp

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