Compact: Malibu Wakesetter 20 MXZ

November 3, 2015
Malibu Boats
WKB0915_BH Bill Doster Photography LLC

Malibu’s Wakesetter 20 MXZ is a feature-packed wide-bow wake powerhouse in a compact size. It’s an MXZ, so even though it’s only 20 feet, it shares similar wake characteristics with the hallowed 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ, which means you’re getting a solid wake shape even if it might not be quite as big as the rest of the line. Load up the 20 MXZ with ballast, deploy the weight-simulating Power Wedge to drop the back end, and you’ve got classic Malibu ramps at a hull size that’s still easy to tow and store. Surf performance is very respectable as well with the one and only Surf Gate, Malibu’s surf system, which allows the boat to stay evenly weighted. Surf Gate works really well with the 20 MXZ’s hull, giving an impressive amount of mass with a solid push, all in a 20-foot frame that fits on size-restricted waterways. Responsiveness in the 20 MXZ is nothing short of stellar, whether you’re fully loaded or cruising back to the dock. Inside, the 20 MXZ is lavish and functional, with all the latest tech and conveniences you expect from a high-end wakeboat. The new-for-2015 dash is a true standout. You’ve got a massive center display that tilts, so you’ll always find a glare-free angle, and an auxiliary screen mounted lower and to the side. The primary display has all the functions you’re going to use regularly, and the secondary display houses deep functionality that can really let you make the 20 MXZ your own. Opt for the sport package to get a multiaxis joystick that controls all of your basic wake-shaping functions as well as audio in an analog interface that’s great for quick adjustments.

Malibu Boats

Dig This: Malibu’s new G4 tower has more tech and function than meets the eye. It has an internal honeycomb structure that’s as rigid as it gets without being overly stout, and the neutral weight design requires almost no effort to move up or down while fully loaded. It also has internal wiring for LEDs and speaker cans. A lot of tech for a tower, but would you expect anything less from Malibu?

Stat: Normally when you want to transfer from one side to the other while riding, you have to signal the driver and guess when the system might switch. With Surf Gate on a Wakesetter, there’s a horn system that alerts you when the surf system is going to switch, so you can nail transfers every time.

Length 20’
Beam 100”
Dry Weight 4,000 lb.
Fuel Capacity 36 gal.
Seating Capacity 13
Standard Ballast 900 lb.
Maximum Ballast 2,720 lb.
Standard Horsepower 350 hp
Maximum Horsepower 450 hp

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