Centurion World Championship Towboat Technology Goes Silent and Earns Two Patents

Centurion Boats
Centurion World Championship Towboat Technology Goes Silent and Earns Two PatentsCenturion

Centurion Boats has introduced the patented SILENT STINGER® Wake Plate as an option on the 2017 Ri217, Ri237 and Ri257 models. The SILENT STINGER® is a forced water induction exhaust system built onto Centurion's World Championship Stinger Wake Plate to dissipate exhaust noise and interference in the water. This Centurion innovation is so unique and functional it has earned both design and utility patents.

Centurion Boats now offers the option to route your boat’s exhaust through the center wake plate. This allows the exhaust to be tumbled with water that is being forced into the SILENT STINGER® Wake Plate through a bottom-mounted induction port when the boat is under way. The water naturally dampens the exhaust noise, for a quieter, more relaxing day on the water. Hold conversations at a natural level—no more shouting—and enjoy your party music above the noise of the engine. A peaceful day on the water is a longer day on the water.

The SILENT STINGER® Wake Plate also disrupts the exhaust’s path in the water eliminating any interference it can cause to your waves and wakes. Veteran wakeboarders and wake surfers can execute tricks without worry of an unpredictable exhaust line interfering with their wakes and waves. The consistent wake is an ideal learning environment for amateur water tricksters as well.

Centurion & Supreme Boats President, Paul Singer, said “Silence may indicate precision, but the true benefits of the new SILENT STINGER® Wake Plate are a conversation quiet lounge as well as a smooth wave free from exhaust turbulence.” Singer continued, “I could not be more pleased with our engineering team on the development of this innovation and the fact that it is so ground-breaking we have earned two patents on it.”

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