5 Ways To Get Everyone You Know Hooked On Riding

You can't ride alone. That's one of the fundamental facts about wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wakeskating, and it's not just because you need a driver to pull you. You also need friends and family to share your addiction and help push your progression. For all you lonely wake warriors out there, we asked Axis pro riders Dean Smith, Trever Maur and Randall Harris to weigh in on how to everyone from your brother to your grandmother hooked on riding.

Sell Them With Surf

I’ve been ocean surfing quite a bit lately and there’s a huge range of people in the lineup from young groms to old veterans. Wakesurfing is exactly the same. Plus, anyone can do it and they don’t have to get rocked every set. Axis has a super-long wave that lets you get far back, but it still has plenty of push so it’s great for anyone from beginners to advanced riders. — Trever Maur

Coach Comfortably

Axis has a cutout on the windshield that makes it really easy to coach riders when they fall. You don’t have to stand up over the side of the windshield when you want to talk, so it’s easier to help them progress. And when beginners are driving the boat, they’re not always going to be the best at docking, so the windshield cutout lets you reach out and grab the dock from the driver’s seat. It can definitely keep the strain off that husband-and-wife relationship. — Trever Maur

Stock Up

The key to getting the Axis packed to capacity and all your peeps out riding on the regular is filling the boat with gas, drinks and snack packs on a hot day. Girls love to go boating when the weather is good. All you have to do is select a couple of your finest dime pieces and ask. Once the girls are locked in, all your homies will be begging to roll out. That’s when you offer seats on the boat to the highest bidders to help with the gas and grocery bill, placing premium pricing on the flip-up seating. — Randall Harris

Double Up

One of the best things you can do to get new people into wakeboarding is ride doubles with them. I like to coach while I ride doubles because you can pinpoint what the other rider is doing wrong and help him or her progress faster. Plus, it’s just more fun. Having that consistent Axis wake shape that never lips over is key because you need to have the same wake every time the rider cuts in. — Dean Smith

Don't Intimidate Them

The coolest thing about using an Axis is that it’s really simple and there’s nothing out of the ordinary that you need to know before hopping into the driver’s seat. It’s easy to use even for people who are new to boating, so it’s not intimidating and they can get hooked on driving just as much as they get hooked on riding. — Dean Smith

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