Sanger V210

May 17, 2007

Phone:** 510.551.8400

Wakeboarding V-drives have been around long enough now that we can start calling some models “classics.” The Sanger V210 fits into that category. This is a boat that’s been tested by riders for years now. It shows off what a smaller V-drive can do. Besides its easy-to-use size, it comes in at an easy-to-buy price. The Wake Series packages throw on a bunch of wake-specific upgrades and a choice of solid hull color or reverse gelcoat, and a special V graphic.

This is really where Sanger stands out. The hull design itself is based on the company’s more than 50 years of experience crafting boats, and the company is always evolving the patented Velvet Ride bottom to make it handle like a dream. The construction involves a material you rarely find in today’s wakeboarding boats: wood. Hand-laminated sheet fiberglass combines with Aqua Beam nonrotting wood-core composite stringers for a very strong boat with a very smooth ride.


The Wake Series of upgrades comes in two varieties. Package 1 gets you front ballast. Package 2 has that plus ballast in two places in the rear.

The tower, like this boat itself, is tried and true


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