Photo Gallery: Crispy Bikini Girls Bring In Spring

April 2, 2010

The Crispy Bikini Girls welcomed in spring 2010 with a guerrilla photo shoot in San Diego, California. With a crew of four swimsuit models, two make-up artists and two photographers, Sue and Cristina Swink, the wakeboarding-loving mother-daughter team behind Crispy Bikinis, set out to shoot their spring line in San Diego’s La Jolla Caves.

“We had no permits to shoot, so we were trying to stay under the radar,” Sue Swink says. “Needless to say, we had hundreds of onlookers hanging out, taking pictures with the girls, and watching (photographer) Tristan (Kallas) do his thing.”

Photos: Tristan Kallas Photography


Swimsuits designed by: Cristina Swink for Crispy Bikinis

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