Behind The Photo: Defy Heads To Mexico

Ben Greenwood

One of the warmest cities in Mexico, Monterrey proved a perfect location for Danny Harf to continue filming for his Defy movie along with producer Sean Kilgus and handpicked co-stars Shawn Watson, Shane Bonifay and Ben Greenwood.

Their lake of choice was a man-made reservoir called Presa de la Boca (“dam of the mouth”), which can be hit or miss. This particular morning was obviously a hit, and Greenwood achieved his goal for the day and a lot more.

“It doesn’t get any better than dropping into perfect conditions like this in another country,” Greenwood said. “And being invited to work on a project with the best rider in the world was really heavy for me. Moments like these remind me that this is what I’ve been aspiring to do my whole life.”

Ben Greenwood

Pete Rose

Monterrey, Mexico