Harley Clifford Wins Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop #1

May 10, 2015

**Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour Wraps up with Harley Clifford winning Men’s Professional Wakeboarding

Keenan Flegel wins Pro Wakesurf and Keenan Flegel wins Pro Skim**

The Colony, TX. (May 9, 2015) — The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour at Stewart Creek Park opened up its second and final day of competition to strong winds and heavy rains, temporary stifling the extreme riding of the world class athletes here to win bragging rights, podium spots and the largest purse in tour history. Australia’s Harley Clifford ultimately won the main event, Men’s Professional Wakeboarding, landing a heelside 900.


The gigantic wakes of the Supra Boats’ SE550 launched riders into the air, making competition extra intense.  The Men’s Professional Wakeboarding division held its semi-finals early in the afternoon, with six heats consisting of three riders throwing down on the course.   Ultimately, of the six heats, the top rider from each heat would move onto the final round.  Tony Iacconi (AUS), Cory Teunissen (AUS), Phillip Soven (USA), Noah Flegel (USA), Rusty Malinoski (CDN) and Harley Clifford (AUS) moved on.

The final heat was fierce and everyone wanted a top spot.  Harley Clifford sealed the deal with a heelside 900 earning him a score of 95.65, to edge out Supra Boats team rider, Cory Teunissen, with a 93.67.   In third place was Phillip Soven with a score of 88.33.

Clifford killed it with a toeside 900, backside 540, and a front mobe 540.  “I am really stoked on that win,” said Clifford.  “It was one of the most gratifying wins I’ve ever had.  Cory and Phil both killed it.  I stuck my tricks and won – feels good.”


Pro Wakesurfers hit the water for the second day in a row with Keenan Flegel (USA), finishing in first place with 100.50 points, followed by younger brother, Noah Flegel (USA) with 86.00 points and Dallas native, Parker Payne (USA), in third place with 85.50 points.

“I started out a little rough,” said Keenan Flegel.  “I fell on a few tricks that I normally don’t fall on.  My first pass I did a frontside shove, and my second pass I landed a passion pop.  It’s really awesome to be here wakesurfing at the pro tour and I’m pumped for my win.”

Pro Skim boarders finished up the day with one heat of six riders.  Final results would leave it as Keenan Flegel in first, Noah Flegel in second and Aaron Witherell in third, respectively.


Lake Lewisville is the first of four stops around the United States for the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour event series.  Other stops include Georgia, California and Wisconsin.

The Supra SE550 is the official tow boat for the elite tour because of its clean, consistent and massive wakes.  The Supra Boats’ wakes are expected to push pros to new levels while preserving strict handling and a balanced ride for the driver and judges in the boat. The 2015 Supra Boats are powered with the high-torque 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar.

Tour sponsors include Supra Boats, KIND Snacks, Indmar, Roswell, Boatmate, JL Audio, Wakeboarding Magazine, CWB, Ronix, Contour, Epiphone, Zero Off, Acme Propellers, AO Coolers, PTM Edge, Connect A Dock and Yamaha Generators.


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**Pro Wakesurf Finals

Heat 1

**1. Keenan Flegel 100.50

2. Noah Flegel 86.00

3. Parker Payne 85.50

4. James Walker 85.00

5. Chris Wolter 81.00

6. Aaron Witherall 71.50

Men’s Professional Wakeboarding Semi-Finals (Riders in Bold Advance)

Heat 1

1. Tony Iacconi 80.00

2. Parker Siegele 75.00

3. Josh Twelker 68.33

Heat 2

1. Cory Teunissen 90.00

2. Steel Lafferty 88.00

3. Christian Primrose 50.00

Heat 3

1. Phillip Soven 85.00

2. Tony Carroll 82.00

3. Gunnar Shuler 43.44

Heat 4

1. Noah Flegel 77.67

2. Brad Teunissen 36.67

3. Shota Tezuka 31.67

Heat 5

1. Rusty Malinoski 85.00

2. Massi Piffaretti 68.33

3. Daniel Powers 36.67

Heat 6

1. Harley Clifford 90.00

2. Mike Dowdy 80.00

3. Andrew Adkison 60.00

**Men’s Professional Wakeboarding Finals

Heat 1

**1. Harley Clifford 95.65

2. Cory Teunissen 93.67

3. Phillip Soven 88.33

4. Rusty Malinoski 76.67

5. Tony Iacconi 70.00

6. Noal Flegel 44.33

**Pro Skim Finals

**Heat 1

1. Keenan Flegel 111.5

2. Noah Flegel 97.50

3. Aaron Witherell 97.00

4. Trevor Fearson 68.50

5. Austin Keen 68.00

6. Parker Payne 61.00


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