Wake Park Nationals Day 1 Recap

July 25, 2014

**Four Athletes Earn Top Honors in Waco at Day One of

Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships**

Waco, TX. – Being held in Waco for the first time in its history, the Nautiqe WWA Wake Park National Championships presented by Rockstar saw an action packed first day of action with athletes in four divisions earning coveted national titles. Excelling on the world class park at BSR were Tyler Sommer (Junior Men), Olivia Pease (Junior Women), Kelbey Huebner (Junior Pro Men), Tyler Worrall (Boys).


Stylish riding and perfection accurately sum up Tyler Sommer’s performance in the Junior Men division of the Wake Park Finals. An array of tricks off the park’s ramps and rails earned him a perfect 100 point score in the finals and the prestigious title of 2014 national champion. In the Junior Pro Men division, Kelbey Huebner was also completely on top of his game today. His masterful riding on the BSR park earned him a near perfect 98.00 finals run, which was enough to land him atop the podium.

“We are so thankful that Nautique stepped up to the plate and made it possible to bring Wake Park Nationals to BSR this year,” said Chris Bischoff, competition director. “Their partnership with BSR has allowed the Nationals to have a top level venue where the world’s best can compete for National titles in both, as we saw today with awesome performances in all four divisions competing. Congratulations to all of today’s winners who earned national championships!”

Wake Park Nationals will feature both amateur and professional divisions, and was desgined to allow all participants to also compete in the Nautiqe WWA Wakeboard National Championships also being held thru the weekend at BSR in Waco.


With more than 170 riders expected to participate in Wake Park Nationals and more than 200 in Wakeboard Nationals, the two events will combine to create one of the largest national championship competitions in the sport’s history.

For more information on the Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships presented by Rockstar visit:

Wake Park Day One Results:


Jr. Pro Men Finals

1. Kelbey Huebner 98.00

2. Guenther Oka 92.00


3. Juan Mendez 69.00

4. Clayton Greer 67.50

5. Brock Baker 59.25

6. Jake Pelot 54.25

Jr. Men Finals

1. Tyler Sommer 100.00

2. Adam Holland 90.00

3. Grayson Kulin

4. Brenno Franklin 62.50

5. Mark Boatright 62.50

6. Brendon Thibodeau 52.50

Boy’s Finals

**1. Tyler Worall 100.00****

2. Riley Hackworth 82.25

3. Drew Drennan 74.75

4. Pierce Bishop 68.00

5. Garrett Coleman 63.25

6. Thomas Herman 58.75**

Jr. Women Finals

1. Olivia Pease 92.50

2. Summer Downs 88.00

3. Jamie Lopina 84.75

4. Cameron Ethell 69.75

5. Taylor Oxford 65.00

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

**1. Clayton Greer 97.50

2. Brock Baker 92.50

3. Juan Mendez 80.00**

4. Mac Schramm 40.25

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

**1. Jake Pelot 93.50

2. Kelbey Huebner 92.00

3. Guenther Oka 60.00**

4. Jason Soven 74.50

5. Merrett Fay 60.00

Boy’s Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 Advance)

**1. Riley Hackworth 97.75

2. Drew Drennan 82.00

3. Garrett Coleman 78.50**

4. Kevin Duffy 73.75

5. Jaden Reichi 70.00

Junior Men Semifinal Heat 1 (Top 3 Advance)

**1. Tyler Sommer 95.50

2. Brenno Fantin 90.00

3. Mark Boatright 76.25**

4. Mitchell Hintze 76.75

5. Mikhale Johnson 60.00

Junior Men Semifinals Heat 2

**1. Adam Holland 100.00

2. Grayson Kulin 87.50

3. Brendon Thibodeau 80.50**

4. Clayton Holladay 67.25

5. Brandon Warford 64.75

Junior Women Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 5 Advance)

**1. Olivia Pease 95.50

2. Jamie Lopina 87.75

3. Cameron Ethell 77.75

4. Summer Downs 72.25

5. Taylor Oxford 66.75**


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