Download Wake Awards-Winning In-Transit For Just $10

November 15, 2011

Download the Wake Awards-winning video In-Transit right now for just $10. Crossing datelines and pushing boundaries, In-Transit documents a two-and-a-half year journey with some of the most creative and progressive riders from across the globe.

From world champions and free riders living check to check to super-groms and riders who have helped define the sport, In-Transit is a film about those who dare to gaze out beyond the wingtip and wonder: What next?

Chris O’Shea‘s part from I_n-Transit_ won Best Wakeboard Video Performance at the 2011 TransWorld Wake Awards. Other In-Transit riders include Harley Clifford, Dean Smith, Danny Harf, Shawn Watson, Chad Sharpe, Shane Bonifay, Brenton Priestley, Mitch Langfield, Gabe Lucas, and more.


Get the full-length digital download for just 10 bucks. Trust us, it will be money well spent.


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