Trevor Hansen Joins Jet Pilot

Jet Pilot doesn't believe you can have too much of a good thing. Great products are inspired by great people/riders, and Jet Pilot feels they have the best variety of both worlds.

The newest addition to Jet Pilot's world-class wake team is none other than Trevor Hansen.

When asked about riding for Jet Pilot, Trevor said: "Jetpilot is an extremely creative and innovative company with a very diverse team. Each team rider adds into the creativity and innovation of Jetpilot with their unique outlook and approach to wakeboarding. So, it's really exciting for me to be a part of this team. I'm pumped!"

Jet Pilot's Design & Marketing Director, Brian Jellig said: "The entire Jetpilot camp here is really excited to have Trevor on board. It's been just a few days so he's still overwhelmed with the amount of gear set up choices he now can ride in, ha. Trevor is a class act all the way around, we're definitely stoked!"

Trevor joins ranks with the best Wake Team in the world: The Jet Pilot '06 Wake Team includes: Shaun Murray, Shane Bonifay, Erik Ruck, Trevor Hansen, Ricky Gonzales, Kyle Murphy, Brian Francis, Mike Schwenne, Derek Grasman, Jack Blodgett, Clint Tompkins, Philip Combs, Nick Ennen, Jacob & Eddie Valdez, Ryan Wolfe, Emily Copeland-Durham, Tara Hamilton and Stef Tor (along with a sizable list of loyal support team riders)