Hansen Hopes to Hang on to Pro Wakeskate World Title

August 21, 2011

Hansen Hopes to Hang on to Pro Wakeskate World Title

Indianapolis, Ind. – Nearly 50 of the best professional riders on the planet hit the waters of The Precedent today in northern Indianapolis for their respective division’s preliminary rounds at the 18th annual Rockstar Energy Drink WWA Wakeboard World Championships, presented by Supra. But only one rider was there to begin competing for his fifth consecutive world title.

Since 2007, Reed Hansen has been the world champion of the Pro Wakeskate division – a title that the 21-year-old shredder heavily covets.

“It’s the most important title there is and I love having it,” said Hansen. “I don’t want to see anyone else win it.”


For four years, the Groveland, Fla. native has taken on the best in the world and won, but this weekend he’ll have to do it with a lingering injury.

“On the last day before I flew to Indy for the Worlds, I ended up injuring my shoulder,” said the defending world titlist. “I was practicing for this contest and on my last trick I landed with the rope in my front hand, so I could pull myself up. And when I did that, it put too much pressure on my shoulder.”

Hansen explained that he had a preexisting shoulder injury – a torn labrum – which was never surgically repaired. The recent pressure put on his shoulder has caused Hansen to be cautious this weekend, as to not further his injury.


The defending titlist started his semifinal run today, as a true champion would, with a stand-up pass, landing three 360 variations, a Toe-side Back-side 180 and a Heel-side Late Shove-it. But on his second pass, Hansen had two uncharacteristic falls and left out a heat-winning trick.

“I was going to try a 360 Big Spin on the way back to the dock, but I didn’t want to chance anything,” Hansen said referring to his injury.”

Hansen’s run earned him a second-place finish in his heat – good enough to advance to tomorrow’s four-man final, where the 2011 world title awaits the division winner.


While Hansen is still in contention for the title, he no longer has the benefit of being the top seed, forcing him to take big risks in finals in order to win.

“Being the top seed means that you have the benefit of being last off the dock and seeing what everyone else does,” said Hansen. “But when you go first, you have to put the pressure on the competition rather than being able to handle the pressure.”

Hansen and the three other Pro Wakeskate finalists will face off in the deciding round tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 21 at 1 p.m.


The WWA Worlds will conclude tomorrow Sunday, Aug. 21. Tomorrow’s competition will run from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at The Precedent. The Precedent is located at 9229 Delegates Row Indianapolis, IN 46240.

The 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink WWA Wakeboard World Championships, presented by Supra is a ticketed event. Tickets are available at the gate: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).

In addition to all the action on the water — on land, the WWA Worlds features great food and music; pro athlete autograph signings; chances to win freebies; and shopping at the most cutting-edge stores for water-sports equipment including boats, wakeboards, wakeskates, sunglasses and the latest in wakeboarding and surfing fashions.

For those who cannot attend the event in person, just “like” the King of Wake’s Facebook page ( to watch all the live streaming footage.

The 2011 WWA Worlds will also air on the VERSUS television network at 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 27.


Adaptive Standing – Final #1

1. Billy Tonis    USA    75.00

2. Mike Krohn    USA    21.67

Pro Wakeskate – Semifinal #1

1. Brian Grubb    USA    88.33

2. Stu Shinn    USA    78.33

3. James Balzer    CAN    55.00

4. Matt Hayden    USA    30.00

Pro Wakeskate – Semifinal #2

1. Grant Roberts    USA    70.00

2. Reed Hansen    USA    66.67

3. Danny Hampson    USA    53.33

Pro Women Wakeskate – Semifinal #1

1. Jen Gilanfarr    USA    68.33

2. Amanda Gagnon    CAN    43.33

3. Setsuko Ito    JPN    10.00

Masters – Semifinal #1

1. Mike Vanpatten    USA    70.00

2. Steve Jones    USA    58.33

3. Kevin Michael    USA    51.67

4. Brent Anderson    USA    41.67

5. Andres Rozo    COL    35.00

Pro Women – Semifinal #1

1. Melissa Marquardt    USA    75.00

2. Miku Asai    JPN    65.00

3. Emily Durham    USA    53.33

4. Alexa Score    USA    43.33

Pro Women – Semifinal #2

1. Nicola Butler    GBR    81.67

2. Raimi Merritt    USA    73.33

3. Hayley Smith    AUS    60.00

4. Shawna Hoffman    USA    50.00

Pro Women – Semifinal #3

1. Amber Wing    AUS    81.67

2. Anna Hajek    USA    68.33

3. Tarah Mikacich    USA    61.67

4. Meagan Ethell    USA    51.67

5. Christy Hutchins    USA    31.67

Pro Men – Quarterfinal #1

1. Olivier Derome    CAN    85.00

2. Jimmy LaRiche    USA    78.33

3. Kyle Rattray    CAN    68.33

4. Adam Wensink    USA    58.33

5. Aaron Rathy    CAN    56.67

6. Clay Fraley    USA    41.67

Pro Men – Quarterfinal #2

1. JD Webb    USA    71.67

2. Rusty Malinoski    CAN    66.67

3. Steel Lafferty    USA    56.67

4. Scotty Broome    AUS    48.33

5. Kirby Liesmann    USA    36.67

Pro Men – Quarterfinal #3

1. Adam Errington    USA    76.67

2. Dean Smith    AUS    70.00

3. Bob Soven    USA    61.67

4. Danny Thollander    USA    56.67

5. Clayton Underwood    USA    45.00

Pro Men – Quarterfinal #4

1. Phillip Soven    USA    71.67

2. Shaun Murray    USA    63.33

3. Andrew Shearer    USA    50.00

4. Joey Bradley    USA    41.67

5. Tony Carroll    USA    33.33

Pro Men – Quarterfinal #5

1. Harley Clifford    AUS    85.00

2. Austin Hair    USA    78.33

3. Andrew Adkison    USA    71.67

4. Shawn Watson    USA    56.67

5. Jimmy Trask    USA    50.00


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