4 Wakeskate Tricks With Ben Horan and Matt Manzari

Ben Horan and Matt Manzari show you how to do pop shove it, inside-out 180, kickflip and backside big spin on a wakeskate:

|KickflipBen Horan shows you the secrets to landing a kickflip on a wakeskate. It's all about the pop, flick and catch.| ||| |

|Pop Shove ItBen Horan walks you through how to do a pop shove it on a wakeskte, which is a great early trick for beginner wakeskaters to learn.| ||| |

|Inside-out 180Ben Horan shows you how to do a inside-out 180 and a 180 in the flats on a wakeskate.| ||| |

|Backside Big SpinMatt Manzari walks you through one of his favorite wakeskate tricks, the backside big spin, which is a variation of a backside 360 shove in which the wakeskater's body rotates backside 180 degrees while the board spins 360 degrees.| |||