Get Better Now: CWB’s 2014 How-To Video Series

July 23, 2014

Want the one simple secret to becoming a better rider this season? Sign up right now to receive CWB’s 2014 How-To Video Series. WAKEBOARDING teamed up with CWB riders Jimmy Trask, Josh Palma and Daniel Powers to create six how-to videos designed to improve almost every facet of your riding, from grabs, spins and toeside tricks to landing blind, inverts and 540s. Sign up now and we’ll deliver a new how-to video to your inbox every week for six weeks — all for free. Better still: There’s something for everybody. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, we have you covered.

CWB 2014 How-To Videos Series

3 Keys To Perfect Grabs

Jimmy Trask gives you three simple secrets to crank up your style by adding grabs to your spins and inverts.


How To Master Toeside Riding

Stop neglecting toeside! Jimmy Trask shows you how to dial in your toeside wake jumps and open up a whole new bag of tricks.

3 Keys To Landing Your First 360


Josh Palma gives you the keys to limit your falls and frustration when learning your first 3.

How To Spot Your Landings On Inverts

Josh Palma shows you how to improve your consistency on inverts by spotting your landings early.


3 Secrets to Landing Blind

Daniel Powers gives you the keys to consistent blind landings, which will help you open up tricks like backside 5s, tantrum to blinds and roll to blinds.

6 Keys to Grabbing 540s


Daniel Powers shows you how to grab your 540s, adding style and demonstrating full control before you add an extra rotation.

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