How To Perfect The Flats Landing

In this wakeboarding how to, The Boarding School's Shaun Murray and Travis Moye show you the right way to land once you start taking your tricks into the flats.

When you start taking things out into the flats, you really need to put an emphasis on how you land. Most people don’t have problems getting bigger air, but do have problems making those landings. The most common mistakes people make are locking out their legs and setting up for the landing really early, or rocking to the tail of the board to put on the brakes. This is really the opposite of what you want to do. Instead, you want to stand nice and tall off the wake and then suck your knees up so they are bent as you are in the air. That is when it’s time to grab and poke. If you do a poke of some sort, be sure to pump and suck your knees up again. Then, right as you are going to land, extend your legs again basically to set your board back onto the water.

This will accomplish several important things. It will give you a little more style and control while in the air, and make the landing feel a lot softer. When you lock your legs out too early or rock to the tail, you interfere with the natural pendulum you are on and make the landings a lot rougher. You really want to let yourself carry out as naturally as possible so you maintain support from the rope and can be more in control of the landing.

By: Shaun Murray and Travis Moye Photos: Aaron Katen