Round Up: Hybrid Boards

August 1, 2014

In case you missed our Hybrid Board Round Up from the July Issue, we’ve digitized them for you to view. If you are contemplating whether or not it’s time for an upgrade in gear? Well, it is. Hustle down to your local pro shop and pick up one of these babies. Check it out! Remember to click on the board images for more info.

Gear | Round Up: Hybrid Boards for 2014


Since this shape’s birth, the Blunt has proved itself both off the wake and at the park. The Byerly crew has tinkered away finding stronger, lighter and more-durable materials to improve this board’s indestructibility at the park. With the external, removable, molded-in style fins, reinforced Flak Jacket sidewall construction, slider base, reinforced elevated footbeds, and more, it’s no wonder this is one of Byerly’s go-to hybrids. Kind of blows all the “traditional” glass technology stigmas out the window, doesn’t it?


          MSRP $495


Ridden and influenced by Kaesen Suyderhoud, the CWB Groove can do it all. No matter what you are riding on — cement, plywood, corrugated pipe, chain-link fencing, metal handrails, massive wakes or UNIT kickers, Kaesen has already proved its durability and functionality in every environment. With a variable-height sidewall, slick rail-friendly base material, continuous rocker, and flex-friendly tip and tail, this board has what it takes to be a fun and lively option for any rider on any surface.


          MSRP $370


Designed by Kyle Schmidt, the 1up is aimed to solve your dilemma when it comes to choosing between your boat board and your cable board. The 1up’s construction includes an all-wood core, a blended three-stage rocker, UHMW sidewalls, a flattened-out tip and tail for jibbing, and CNC’s contours in the core that decrease overall weight while adding strategic rigidity. Why add more cost and hassle to your riding when you can get one board that excels at everything?


          MSRP $400


JD Webb could ride any board, and impress you with how high he goes and how well executed his tricks are, but there is a reason that JD and Scott Bouchard designed the Webb board this way. This board is designed to perform up to JD’s standards. With a combination of wood and foam in the core for the perfect flex pattern, ABS sidewalls, sintered base material, and removable molded-in style fins, this board will no doubt be up to your standards as well, no matter how high they are.


          MSRP $550


This shape created this class of wakeboards. Before the Watson Hybrid, there was no such thing as a “hybrid” wakeboard. There were stiff boards with grind bases and flex boards with featureless bases, but nothing that was really built with flex-friendly sandwich-style construction that had channels or base features. Since this board emerged onto the market, Liquid Force has upgraded the quality of materials to include four internal stringers that run the length of the board.

          MSRP $530


O’Brien set out to construct a board that could do it all. It’s only fitting that it sits under Nick Ennen’s feet. Between backcountry winch spots, free-riding behind the boat, hitting logs, dropping waterfalls, and even snow kickers, Nick isn’t afraid to take his board anywhere he can dream up. This board features a PTEX base, small molded fins, a flexible tip and tail, and subtle channels for added traction. The new Breddas board shares the same shape as the Baker. Kind of says something about the board when four of their team riders share this shape as their pro model.

          MSRP $500


Not to be confused with the stiffer, boat-oriented William, the Ronix Bill board has proved itself to be quite lively both behind the boat and at the park in years past. The board has a shape that is very fast and wake friendly, while the softer flex core and sintered base make it a wake-park contender. Not only does the board actually smell like pineapples, it comes with the versatility and durability that you need to ride it wherever you darn well please.

          MSRP $430


Oli Derome is so well rounded both in the park and winch scenes and off the wake, that it only makes sense to have a board that can keep up. The all-wood core, continuous rocker, park-friendly base, fastrack-binding mounting system, and Oli-approved flex pattern combine to make a fast board that pops hard, lands soft, and can really take a beating. Whether you plan to spend most of your time behind the boat or at your local wake park, this board won’t disappoint.

          MSRP $499


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