2010 CWB Non-CGA Pullover Vests

August 15, 2009

The CWB Pullover Neo Vest: The 2010 Faction and Diamond Pullover vest is designed to be a comfortable, form-fitting alternative to vests with straps and buckles. The Glideskin exterior sheds water and the short, unobtrusive side zipper makes the Faction Vest so much easier to throw on compared to the standard pullover vest. The extra large armholes and segmented foam floatation make this vest extremely flexible. This non-CGA vest is so lightweight, you will hardly realize that you’re wearing a vest at all. Available in Men’s Faction Pullover and Women’s Diamond Pullover

Main Selling Points:

– Extremely light weight


– Segmented foam for a contoured fit

– No belts and buckles to get in the way

– Short side zip helps this vest fit a wider range of body types; easier to pull on and take off


– Large armholes

– Glideskin outer shell sheds water and enhances comfort

– Interior shell material is breathable; perfect for hot climates


– Great graphics

Sizes: Men: S-XL

Women: XS-L


Available September 2009

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