Victoria Skimboards Wake Skim 2007

The Wake Skim has been used by wakesurfing champions since its development. The board is Victoria Skimboard’s tried and proven polyvac shape with an added bonus of the option to attach a wakefin if needed. The polyvac shape has been tested for over 20 years and has been specifically designed for high performance wave riding. Victoria Skimboards now offers all the goodness of a strong and sturdy wave riding machine for hours of fun behind any boat. The board is made of three fourths inch aerospace polyvinyl foam core, polyester resin, detailed rocker, durable flex, responsive/low profile fin for extra drive and control. Options include; epoxy resin, carbon and s-glass.

Sizes: Small: 51.23 inches x 19.40 inches. For riders 80lbs to 120lbs

Medium: 53.46 inches x 20.27 inches. For riders 120 lbs to 160lbs

Large: 55.79 inches x 21.20inches. For riders 160lbs to 200lbs

MSRP: Ultra foam: $225.00 with out art

$247.50 with art

Poly Foam: $337.50 with out art

$360.00 with art