Value Vessel: Gekko Revo 6.7

June 11, 2015

Gekko’s Revo 6.7 is an intentionally different wakeboard and surfboat with a legacy name that’s gotten some modern-day upgrades. The Revo 6.7 also comes in at a very reasonable asking price that includes the trailer, tower, cover, graphic upgrade, and speed control. From the first glance, it’s obvious the Revo 6.7 isn’t like the competition. Sure, it has similar features and creature comforts, but in terms of hull DNA, it’s playing a different game. The bottom design was actually patented to protect its unique features from intellectual-property infringements. For example, where most brands have a through-bolted trim tab to adjust the wakes for specific sports, Gekko has a lip at the back of the hull that’s built right into the mold to keep the boat’s running attitude right where it should be. In keeping with the in-mold features, the Revo 6.7’s swim platform is actually a part of the fiberglass, so there’s a continuous line from bow to stern for a sleek and unique look. The tower is also Gekko-specific, with a sweeping profile and stout tubing with mitered joints. Moving on to the more conventional, the Revo 6.7 is offered with a ballast tank system that’s built right into the stringer, and offers just under 1,000 pounds of ballast. Upgrade to around 2,000 pounds of ballast with available bags and high-flow pumps. The helm is utilitarian and simple with an emphasis on overall effectiveness.

Dig This: Gekko’s dash is all about simplicity. Analog gauges and switches are easy to read, and keep the price low. Plus there’s less to go wrong, so you’ll spend less time at the dealer.

Stat: Gekko partnered with inboard-propulsion-legend Indmar to create its signature Venom line of engines. Gekko is the only brand on the water with the Venom propulsion. The series has a 330, 350, 410 and 550 horsepower options, and every engine is available on every boat in the line. There’s also an available five-year warranty.

Length 22’2”
Beam 102”
Dry weight 4,200 lb.
Fuel capacity 35 gal.
Seating Capacity 12
Standard ballast 900 lb.
Maximum ballast 2,350 lb.
Standard horsepower 330 hp
Maximum horsepower 450 hp

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