Compact: Axis A20

April 27, 2015

The word compact can immediately conjure feelings of small wakes and cramped interiors, but it doesn’t have to in the case of the Axis A20. This 20-foot wake-maker is similar to the A22 in its stand-up ramps and no-frills functionality, but at a full 2 feet shorter, the A20 is easier to trailer and store, and is welcome on size-restricted waterways the bigger boats can’t touch. Another fringe benefit of having a small boat: The A20 has premium handling and power. Take a small hull like this and throw a relatively big power plant in it with the standard 350-horsepower engine, and you’ve got a sports car on the water. With its relatively small hull, you might start assuming the A20 throws a small wake, but in reality it generates a pretty solid swell with the maximum upgraded ballast, the Autoset Wedge and a few passengers. The great thing about the Axis line in general is the wake is legit straight off the dock. You don’t have to do a lot of tweaking to get these boats to throw a solid wake because the Malibu-inspired hull design is just so good. The A20 is also one of the best small-boat surfers out there. Opt for Surf Gate, and you can get a solid wave on either side without changing your weighting configuration from wakeboarding. Flip the switch at the dash and you’ve got a wave on one side, then signal the driver to switch to the other side and cross over the rooster tail for a midsession transfer.

Stat: The Axis brand is offered with fewer amenities than its luxury sister brand, Malibu, but that doesn’t mean you can’t trick out your A20. Some of the high-end features available to the Axis brand as of 2015 are relationship-saving GPS cruise control, and Bluetooth stereo connectivity so you can forget the cords.

Dig This: The Axis mentality is all about simplicity. The entire boat operates on the same premise from the analog dash to the flip-up seats. There’s a smaller learning curve and less to go wrong on an Axis, so you’ll spend less time at the dealer and more time on the water.

Boat Specs
Length 20’
Beam 98”
Dry Weight 3,500 lb.
Fuel Capacity 42 gal.
Seating Capacity 11
Standard Ballast 800 lb.
Maximum Ballast 2,075 lb.
Standard Horsepower 350 hp
Maximum Horsepower 450 hp

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