Compact: Tigé RZR

March 27, 2015

Tigé’s RZR is a 20-foot powerhouse that delivers on style, tech and multisport performance. This hull really does it all. Nimble enough to whip around and pick up a wakeskater, but beefy enough to produce one of the best small-boat surf waves on the market, the RZR has something for everyone.

Inside, the RZR has classic Tigé styling, and that means one of the best interiors in the industry. Multiple panels with textured and diamond-stitched panels in signature color combinations are the hallmark of Tigé’s next-level interiors. These artistic vinyl blends cover ergonomic seating that’s been softened from years past to ensure form isn’t put before function. Every bit of the seating has been economized to make as much room as possible in this small boat, which results in a much bigger feel in the lounge and bow. At the helm, TigéTouch takes pride of place with an intuitive, stylized interface that controls lighting, ballast, speed control, wake shaping and more. The dash has an extended brow to shield gauges from high sun. The RZR’s Alpha-Z tower extends up and over the lounge with a sleek, swooping design that perfectly reflects the boat’s look and feel while providing an unfailing tow point. Integrated lighting, swivel board racks, speakers and an easy-fold function complete the tower package.

Stat: Tigé’s RZR and R20 share the exact same fiberglass. The difference between the two is all in the features. Where the RZR is high end and tech forward, the R20 is more simple and cost effective. It’s the difference between modern digital boating technology and old-fashioned analog simplicity, but the wakeboard and surf performance are the exact same.


Dig This: Tigé’s Surf Link Remote is an all-new wave-shaping feature that puts the rider in control of the curl. While you’re riding, adjust the floating remote from one to 10 to create a massively tall wave with a shorter pocket or a mellower wave with a huge pocket. The remote controls a fiberglass wing on the boat’s transom that can completely change the wave’s shape in seconds.

Length 20′
Beam 94″
Dry Weight 3,100 lb.
Fuel Capacity 38 gal.
Seating Capacity 12
Standard Ballast 900 lb.
Maximum Factory Ballast 1,600 lb.
Standard Horsepower 335 hp
Maximum Horsepower 415 hp

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