CWB 'Merica Giveaway Winner!

Andrew Merica
From left, Will Sanders, Van Powroznik and Chad Wiggins prepare for their turns in the pond skimming competition at Wintergreen Resort, March 22, 2014. (Photo by Parker Michels-Boyce/The News & Advance)

We had some great participation in this contest. Looks like we have a lot of wakeboard enthusiasts that love 'Merica! If you're just now catching up, CWB decided to give away the 145cm Merica wakeboard with JT boots that they sent in for us to test for the Editor's Pick in our May issue in a our recent photo contest. Check out the results!


Ilya Unzhakov — Congrats on the win! We just couldn't deny this 'Merica mashup you have so eloquently presented to us. Well done sir! You will now be the proud new owner of a "once tested" 145cm 'Merica Wakeboard with JT Boots by CWB!

Notable Submissions

Here's a gallery of a few other entries that caught our attention. Keep in mind, this was a 'Merica contest, not an America contest — otherwise our selection process would have changed dramatically. Regardless, enjoy flipping through a few of the submissions that rolled in!