Zeal's Biodegradable Memphis Shades

Happy Earth Day everyone! Last year Zeal hit the market with the world's first fully biodegradable sunglasses and have now released them in the Memphis frame. Yep, this may sound kind of crazy but their lenses are completely made from plant-based materials and the frames are made from a 100% cotton resin. These shades are not only perfect for keeping the rays out, but they are also totally eco-friendly. 18 months in the ocean and these glasses will no longer exist. Their e-illume lenses are polarized and block 99% of glare and the Memphis frame is one of the best I've put on my face in a while.

Also, to celebrate Earth Day Zeal will plant one tree for every pair of sunglasses you purchase this week on ZealOptics.com. More info on their green friendly Project 5480 here.

Pick 'em up before summer hits!

Celebrate Earth Day with Zeal!

Check out the video Zeal did when they released their first biodegradable frame, the Ace.