LF Free for All Recap – McCormick’s Cable Park

April 19, 2013

So just to get this straight, if you showed up to McCormick’s cable park you got to ride for free with tips from Bob Soven and Amber Wing? Then you got to watch them ride as well as Raph Derome, Harley Clifford, Shawn Watson, Collin Harrington, Nico Von Lerchenfeld, Chad and Eric Worrall and other Liquid Force pro riders? Sounds like one heck of a day.

Shawn Watson rolling in
Still celebrating his Pro Spotlight in our May Issue, Shane Bonifay
Bob Soven boosting over Collin Harrington
Bob Soven and Amber Wing welcoming all fashion choices
Harley Clifford drifting one out
The gang
You know it was good if this guy was here – Raph Derome
Choose your weapon

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