Oz Boardstock ’13 Teaser!

January 23, 2013

Enough cannot be said about the progression of wake park riding over the last few years. When I was over in Australia two winters ago, I saw the 13-year-old and under boys division throwing down frontside 900’s and backside 7’s. The pro’s were throwing down new tricks as always, but man even a short 24 months later and the riding doesn’t even look the same. The highlights of these highlights are right at the end of each video; Mitch Langfield always getting creative and tech at the same time while making it look insane, and Daniel Grant going rather massive. Full recap coming soon. Scroll down for the wrap up text.

Day 1

Day 2


Boardstock Wrap Up

International and local riders headed to Cables Wake Park Penrith over the weekend for Australia’s biggest cable event of the year – Liquid Force Boardstock.

Boardstock weekend kicked off with a Sydney heat wave – 46 degrees to be precise. The Wakelife riders cup was the first event of the weekend on Friday afternoon in the hot conditions, where teams Liquid Force International, Liquid Force Australia, CWB, Slingshot, Slingshot International, Ronix, Byerly and CTRL went head to head in a bid to win the cup.


Liquid Force International came out on top with a score of 147.2, closely followed by Liquid Force Australia on 146.0 and Byerly coming in third with a score of 92.4.

Day two began with the Double Up 2 Tower challenge. No air tricks were counted – instead riders got to smash out what they could on the quarter pipe, as well as the double sided kicker and flat bar.

Patty Ryan scored himself a first in the 13 boys division with Justin Eaton second and Cameron Bruce third.


In the girls under 17 division, Ezmae Warnecke grabbed herself first, with young Zahra Kell second – landing a huge tantrum and Ash Blake third.

The 17 boys division is proving to be a hard with riders really stepping it up and a heap of entries for all events. Zac Neville came first, Blake Muller second and Busty Dunn third.

Don Baker – one of the stand-outs in the open men division this season – landed a first place in the open men 2 tower challenge with a crow mobe and the only one in his division to spin out of the quarter pipe. Mitch Khune came second with a huge bat wing in his run and Nick Maxwell third.


The wake skate was a hard division with a few of the best wake skaters in the world attending Boardstock. Daniel Grant showed Penny why he is number one, taking out first in the division, followed by Ryan Leary in second and Roger Fortenberry in third.

Sophie Hogben can ride a quarter pipe and is known for her sick style on rails – this chick took out first in the pro womens division followed closely by Courtney Angus in second and young Holly Watt in third.

Once again Daniel Grant stepped onto the top spot of the podium in the pro men division followed by Raph Derome in second and James Windsor in third.

The Jetpilot King of the Kicker contest saw some sick tricks and massive stacks – and even a new trick landed in comp by Mitch Langfield – which he calls the ‘straight jacket’.

Lewy Watt stomped a switch heel 9 in the under 17 boys division for first place. Angelika Schriber stomped a switch heel 7 to take out first in the pro women, followed by Sophie Hogben in second landing a heel back 5 and Courtney Angus in third landing a back mobe. Mitch Langfield took out first in the pro men with his new trick – a definite crowd pleaser.

The afternoon finished off with the Nautique Quarter Pipe challenge. Mitch Langfield stepped onto the top spot of the podium again with a first place in this event, followed by Aaron Gunn and Brenton Priestly.

The final day of Boardstock started with the open men, women and wake skate divisions in the Liquid Malisha Triple 1 contest.

The open men division saw Andy Neumann score top spot, followed by Ben Howells in second and Blake Muller in third.

Angelika Schriber landed the top spot in the women division, showing Penny why she is one of the best in the world. Tor Young scored herself a second and Courtney Angus in third.

The wake skate division saw Daniel Grant in first, Andrew Fortenberry in second and Mayce Dipple in third.

The Liquid Force Rail Jam saw out the afternoon as the most popular event, with a category for any age and any ability to enter. Rail Jam continues to receive great amounts of entries – and riders in all division are really stepping it up.

The Noyce sisters showed everyone that their not scared of any rail – no matter how big – in the under 9 girls division. Kyla Noyce scored herself the top spot followed by younger sister Koda. Caprice Burrell came in third.

Young master of style Alex Brookes grabbed the top spot in the under 9 boys, with stylish rail hits and awesome kicker hits – this kid isn’t scared of anything. Jayden Foye came second and Macauley Needham in third.

In the 13 girls Holly Watt stepped onto the podium again with a first place, followed by Zahra Kell and Ezmae Warnecke.

The under 13 boys are stepping it up with some crazy big spins and stylish rail hits. Patty Ryan scored the top spot, followed by Cameron Bruce in second and Sam Brown in third.

In the social division Greg Holden was a clear stand-out getting himself the top spot, followed by Luke Beckhaus in second and Jake Coleman in third.

Sam Golledge, who has won every rail jam in the Summer Series so far in the under 17 girls, once again proved she has what it takes to win – receiving first in the 17 girls rail jam. Ash Blake scored second and Nina Brown third.

The under 17 boys division received 23 entries and was by far one of the hardest divisions with some big names riding. Busty Dunn scored himself a first, Massi Piffaretti second and Zac Neville third.

In the amateur women Chloe-Amanda Bailey scored herself a first, Tanisha Iacconi a second and Rachel Tooze a third. Guy Carter scored himself a first in the amateur men rail jam, followed by Dylan Gray in second and Mitch Christie in third.

The amateur skate saw Patty Ryan again on the podium scoring a first, Penny skater Alex Hale in second and Chad Dumble in third.

The open men division once again saw Don Baker and Brett Hemmings go head to head for the top spot in rail jam. Brett Hemmings scored the top spot, with Don Baker in second and Luke Donohue in third.

All rounder Daniel Grant picked up the win in the pro skate division, with Mayce Dipple in second and Michael Anderson third.

Courtney Angus managed to put in an epic run to take out the top spot in the pro women rail jam. Sophie Hogben scored herself a second and Bec Gange third.

Mitch Langfield scored the top spot in the pro men rail jam, followed by Raph Derome in second and Daniel Grant third.

The pro men Liquid Malisha Triple 1 final would finish up the weekend. There were many crashes and many sick tricks put down in the rider sets. World number one James Windsor scored himself the top spot, followed by Daniel Grant and shredder Matty Hasler in third.

That makes Boardstock a wrap for another year. Summer Jam is on in less than two weeks time (Feb 2nd and 3rd) at Bli Bli. Entry forms are available online now a

See you all at Bli Bli.


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