Pro Playlist: Trever Maur

November 12, 2012
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Trever Maur Pro Playlist Fall 2012 | Photo: Rodrigo Donoso

Top 3 words to describe something great.

1. That’s




Top 3 pieces of video equipment on your wish list.

1. 5D Mark 111

2. 70-200 Cannon 2.8L OS

3. Wireless microphones


Top 3 Delta riders of all time.

1. Greg Nelson

2. Corey Kraut

3. Josh Twelker


Top 3 couches to sleep on in the wake industry.

1. Ben Greenwood

2. Randall Harris

3. Josh Twelker


Top 3 things to do on the road with Axis.

1. Karaoke bar till closing

2. Eat way too much sushi

3. Try to shred our faces off the next morning

Top 3 tricks you have seen in person from Josh Twelker.

1. Cab mute mobe 540

2. Switch toe 720 late melan grab … DOPE

3. Inside-out air raley

Top 3 video sections.

1. Natural Born Thrillers (Randall Harris)

2. Shafted (Parks Bonifay)

3. Canvas (Chris O’Shea)

Top 3 things to do with your mini dirt bike.

1. Spit mad game

2. Throw up rooster tails

3. Grocery shop

Top 3 accessories for a Ski Beach, Delta party.

1. Big muscles “lacking those”

2. Tattoos “none”

3. A badass boat “Axis has me covered on that.”

Top 3 no-nos in wakeboarding.

1. Sloppy-ass grabs

2. Doing donuts

3. Yelling at your chick when she is launching the boat

Top 3 “must do in each set” tricks.

1. Wrapped back 540 (nose grab)

2. Wrapped tuck knee 360

3. Lip slide the shit out of that wake

Top 3 reasons to go to Florida.

1. Sleep on Benny G’s couch

2. Catch some rays when it’s cold in California

3. Bust out the flex deck for some rails

Top 3 ways to spend a sponsor check.

1. Starbucks

2. Car insurance

3. Date night sushi and saki

Top 3 foods to eat on a budget.

1. Wendy’s $1 crispy chicken sandwich

2. Generic hot dogs

3. McDoubles


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