Last Words: Bob Soven

October 1, 2012
Bob Soven Last Words Fall 2012 | Photo: Ian Reid

Last time mistaken for Shaun White: Last time I went through airport security; black women really think I’m Shaun White.

Last piece of advice from Parks: Parks was the person who convinced me I should grow my hair out; that was three years ago. Now I have to buy a new bottle of conditioner every month to moisturize this mane. #Lakelions

Last new trick you landed: I wish I could put something here.


Last rumor you heard: Lies about the iPhone 5 coming out. I don’t believe it exists.

Last time brother Phil impressed you: He had car DJ controls and played Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper, a very cliché song but a lot better than his normal Young Jeezy junk.

Last rider who blew you away: Brenton Priestley, mainly for his competitive edge. It’s truly fascinating how focused he is.


Last fan-girl tweet you received: @DomFragoso – @therealbobsoven is seriously the funniest person ever. I could watch him all day and laugh my ass off.

Last thing you want to come out of having a reality show: I had to sign a 52-page contract and sometimes I get scared that I’m on some type of Truman Show.

Last movie that made you cry: Sleepless in Seattle


Last heartfelt moment with Phil: Bob: “Phil, I really think you should watch Sleepless in Seattle.”

Phil: “No, you’re an idiot.”

Bob: “Fine, Oli and I are going to watch it together then.”


Last time you heard Henshaw say the word “party”: Case studies have shown that Kevin Henshaw has a ppm (party per minute) rate of 87. That means he says the word party 125,280 a day.

Last time you were furious: At Henshaw for saying “party” too much but what can you do … sorry for partying.

Last time you needed a hug from Mom: I got called Ginger Salad at an Asian restaurant; I’m usually not sensitive but that one got to me.


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