Pro Playlist: Jeff McKee

September 21, 2012
Jeff McKee ProPlaylist August 2012 | Photo: Ian Reid

Top 3 bands to see live

1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

2. Bon Iver

3. Gwar, man their music is horrible, but the costumes and artificial body fluids make up for it


Top 3 wake Web videos

1. Dylan Miller and Dustin O’Ferrall’s “Hockey Boardn’” edit

2. Anything that features either or both of the Derome brothers

3. “Cops don’t really like Shredtown” from


Top 3 wakeboarder-musicians and their instruments

1. Clay Fletcher, banjo; but only if he’s smoking a cigarette hands-free through the session

2. Erik Ruck, guitar

3. Josh Letchworth (OK, so he’s a photographer), drums; he puts me to shame behind the kit


Top 3 social gaming apps

1. Hanging with Friends

2. Draw Something, on the rare occurrence I remember my login info

3. This one isn’t gaming, but Viber is a must-have for dealing with all these damn Canadians


Top 3 pieces of home electronics

1. All the Apple products

2. Electric weedwacker

3. 18-volt DeWalt drill

Top 3 perks of being a team rider/team manager

1. Making everyone else ride first at morning shoots

2. Impressing our rail riders once in a blue moon with some move I pulled out of my ass

3. Double-dipping in two separate budgets

Top 3 hammers in Lipsmack

1. Andrew Adams getting hammered by the hanging ball tap

2. Camel back rail combos and gaps

3. The pipe-to-wall and pipe-to-stairs setups in Shredtown

Top 3 reality TV shows

1. The X Factor, Josh Krajcik’s “Wild Horses” cover will blow your mind

2. The Voice starring Xtina and her two melons, which are about to burst

3. The Real Housewives of Everywhere — no, just kidding; Andy Cohen officially ruined television for husbands nationwide

Top 3 modes of transport in Winter Park, Florida

1. Yamaha Zuma scooter — I put almost 1,000 miles per year on that hog, riding with my board on the seat like airplane wings off to either side

2. Longboarding behind my Jack Russell terrier, Charley

3. A hip bike or German automobile

Top 3 recreational sports

1. Soccer, we play on a co-ed team every Thursday

2. Fishing, I’ve won two tournaments in the past year and was recently banned from one for being too big of a threat

3. Wakesurfing and stand-up paddle boarding on the Nautique — two boards, one wave; try it sometime

Top 3 wake battles in history (think 2pac versus Biggie)

1. Shane Bonifay versus his facial hair

2. New Crew versus Jeremy Kovak

3. Everyone versus the tendons in their knees

Top 3 pro partiers in the wake industry

1. I’m going to group all the Australians into one team lead by Brenton Priestley

2. Patrick Wieland and Spencer Smith, they’re both like wild animals for a good hour, then they barf on their shoes — guaranteed

3. Kevin Henshaw is pretty good at it, and his wakeboarding seems to improve the more he parties

Top 3 worst tricks in wakeboarding

1. Dum dum

2. Heelside backside off axis; unless it’s, wrapped it’s garbage

3. I’m getting pretty over the tap at the end of every rail at the cable

Top 3 drum solos

1. Neil Peart, the only man who can do a 360-degree drum set justice

2. Travis Barker is always a safe bet; I like his hip-hop drumming lately too

3. Garth, “I like to play” — great movie

Top 3 cool bands we have probably never heard of

1. Youth Lagoon

2. Secret Music

3. Francis and the Lights (I must give credit to my good friend and fellow bandmate Josh McWilliams, who I lean on for all my info on the latest and greatest bands)


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