Best Of Danny Harf's DEFY

Danny Harf's DEFY is out now and to celebrate we decided to round up all the best DEFY content from the past three years or so for your viewing pleasure. Think of it as the ultimate sneak peek. Once you've had a look back at the best of DEFY's first looks, go get yourself the whole enchilada. You can download it in HD right now from iTunes for just $9.99, order the BluRay/DVD combo pack on or pick it up at your local pro shop, including all Ronix wakeboard dealers. Additionally, ask for your copy at Nautique Boats dealers and other wakeboard shops around the world.

DEFY Teaser

This is the video that started all the buzz when it debuted back at the 2009 TransWorld Wake Awards. The teaser was so good it won the sports category of Panasonic’s highly-respected “Shoot It/Share It” video contest.