2011 Readers Poll Results: Pro Women

Check out the results from TransWorld WAKEBOARDING's 2011 Readers Poll. On the following pages, you'll find the world's top three women riders according to you.

Nicola Butler | Photo: Joey Meddock

3. Nicola Butler

Last year's rank: 3

“Nicola is obviously one of the most dominant competitors and stylish female riders to ever put on a board. Beyond that, she also brings one of the best senses of humor out of all the riders.” — Andrew Adkison

Dallas Friday | Photo: Joey Meddock

2. Dallas Friday

Last year's rank: 1

"Dallas is a true competitor — driven to win. In spite of the injuries she's had when she's healthy she raises the level of competition like no other." — Cobe Mikacich

Amber Wing | Photo: Joey Meddock

1. Amber Wing

Last year's rank: 2

"There is an age-old saying that perfectly describes Amber: "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If life gives you red hair, go into action sports." Amber has used this to her advantage and she derives most of her wake-fighting power from the strands of the red fury rooted in her scalp. Toeside 720, heelside 720, toeside 900 — is Amber Wing the messiah for woman's wake?" — Bob Soven