Check Out: Trever Maur

April 28, 2011
Trever Maur riding the California River Delta

Age: 21

Hometown: Clovis, California

Sponsors: Axis Wake Research, Hyperlite, Dragon, GoPro


One look at Trever Maur’s boned-out pokes, firm grabs and effortless landings and you’d think the 21-year-old was born on the California Delta. It’s a safe assumption. After all, Maur’s riding oozes Delta style, and he’s making a name for himself riding alongside Delta mainstays Mike Schwenne, Derek Cook and Chris Dykmans. Until a year and a half ago, however, Maur had ridden the Delta just a handful of times.

Maur grew up just outside Frenso in Clovis, California, a wakeboarding ghost town compared to the Delta’s iconic sloughs. The son of stand-up PWC racers, Maur was born into a life on the water and started wakeboarding when he was 8. But his riding didn’t truly take off until age 15 when he spent a week at Schwenne’s West Coast Camps. Maur found inspiration in Schwenne and his stylish brand of riding.

“Mike was my idol,” Maur says. “I’ve never seen anyone grab his board in as many ways as Schwenne. He’s been my main influence ever since.”


Maur’s two passions converged at West Coast Camps. While he was still in high school, Maur started shooting and producing videos for the school. As his riding and video skills progressed, Schwenne invited him back as a coach and resident videographer. During his four years at West Coast Camps, Maur befriended Alyssa Twelker, the sister of his now best friend and riding partner Josh Twelker. That friendship led Maur to the Delta.

“I started coming over and hanging out with the family,” Maur says. “One day, I was joking that I should move in because there’s really not a scene at all in Fresno. Their dad was like, ‘Yeah, seriously, you should.’”

A year and a half later, Maur and Twelker are adding their own chapter to the Delta’s storied history of stylish riding. This summer, Maur will represent the West Coast for the first time on the King of Wake series as well as a countrywide tour with Axis Boats. Wherever he goes, Maur is sure to bring a healthy dose of style.


“Normally I try to hit all my tricks once, then get creative,” Maur says. “On tour, I’m going to work on getting my tricks super consistent, but I also want to make them my own. I’m not going to be happy with a run unless it looks good.”

Top 3 Style Tips

1. Stomp your landings “If it’s sketchy, it’s not stylie. Make sure your landings are super smooth.”

2. Tweak everything “I like to completely lock my leg on pokes and get the board as close to my body as possible.”


3. Keep it straightforward “I like to stay true to tail, indy, stale, melon and nose. I don’t like crossing it up.”

Top 3 Video Tips

1. Pick a good song “If your song’s bad, your video’s bad. Look for a good beat that’s not too annoying.”

2. Keep it short “With Web videos, people have a short attention span. If you go over three minutes, you might lose them.”

3. Set up your shots “The better your shots, the less you have to edit. So get steady and line it up before you press record.”


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