Best Of Wakeboard Boats 2011: Dashes

In terms of the basic functionality of wakeboard boats, there are three things that will never change: They will always have enough propulsion to pull a rider, they will always throw out a wake and they will most definitely float. But when it comes to the features that complement these basic principles, the possibilities of making your time on the water more enjoyable are endless.

Every year more and more features are added to wakeboard boats, and each time they take a little more of the simplicity away from just getting in your boat and pulling your buddy. Now, however, wakeboard boat manufacturers are focusing on creating a simpler way to manage all the cool and fun gadgets their boats come with. The installation of dashboard systems in the past two years has changed how people go wakeboarding.

Now, driving is, well, fun. You have a massive screen in front of you with all the bells and whistles easily controlled at your fingertips. You can fill the ballast, set your speed control, control the stereo and even check out where you are on a GPS map. Some of these screens are connected to an on-board camera where you can watch the rider. It’s insane! The touch screens are just as good as iPhones, and you can just hit an “on” button rather than using a key. It makes you feel like Marty McFly.

Each wakeboard boat company has something to offer that the other brands don’t in their unique systems, but they do stay consistent with the general functions they control. The most important bases are covered with each model.

One of the most basic functions of a dashboard screen is the gauge cluster. It provides the driver with information on engine water temperature, battery voltage, fuel level, oil pressure and rpms. Most dashboard screens have some sort of speed or cruise control, whether it be PerfectPass, Zero Off or a system developed by the wakeboarding boat manufacturer. Ballast level control is also a standard feature on dashboard screens, as well as stereo controls. Aside from those standards, each boat really differentiates itself from other manufacturers by having multiple options controlled by the screen.

On top of all the benefits of being able to control everything so easily, the screens look really cool too, especially at night. The thing that was once designed to help you use all the different features of your boat is now a great feature itself. The bottom line is, once you drive a boat with a dashboard control screen you’ll never want to drive a boat without one. They make life easier, they look really cool and they’re fun to use. Check out the best wakeboard boat dash systems of 2011 on the following pages.


Malibu Boats' 6.5-inch MaliView Dash System gives you the option to set up to 10 different rider profiles. The profiles customize each rider's speed, ballast distribution and wedge position at the touch of a button. The MaliView Dash System also has rear view camera inputs, USB video playback and optional Zero Off speed control and GPS chart plotting.

Available On:

Malibu VTX, Malibu VLX, Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV and Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV

Malibu Touch Command

Malibu Boats has joined the touch-screen revolution this year with the all-new Malibu Touch Command. Using the same touch technology as the iPhone and iPad, Malibu Touch Command allows you to control the coded keyless ignition, ballast levels, interior lighting and the Power Wedge position on your Malibu Wakeboard Boat.

Available On:

Malibu VTX, Malibu VLX, Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV and Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV

B.I.G. System

The B.I.G. (Boat Instrument Gauge) Screen that comes in MasterCraft Boats provides all the functions you need on the water in a crystal-clear 6.4-inch display. You can easily see your ballast and fuel levels, speed control settings and temperature gauges at a simple glance while you're driving. You also have the option to save settings for the ballast levels and surf tab positions for different riders. The B.I.G. Screen has the capabilities to watch footage from the on-board camera attached to the tower, or watch a DVD with the optional Clarion CMV1 entertainment system.

Available On:

MasterCraft X-2, MasterCraft X-15, MasterCraft X-25, MasterCraft X-35, MasterCraft X-45, MasterCraft X-55, MasterCraft X-80, and MasterCraft X-Star

Linc System

Nautique Boats' Linc System offers an innovative 6.4-inch display with a full VGA color screen. The system takes all of your wakeboard boat's analog component gauges and brings them together in this one versatile screen. You are able to check engine and performance information, ballast levels, stereo controls and video display, and it has GPS tracking capabilities. New for 2011, the Linc system now offers exclusive Zero Off River Mode, which allows the system to compensate for river current.

Available On:

Sport Nautique 200, Super Air Nautique 210, Super Air Nautique 210 Byerly Icon Edition and Super Air Nautique 230

Vision System

The new Vision system from Supra Boats has an easy-to-use LCD interface that comes standard on every 2011 model boat. Directly at your fingertips, you have the ability to control the Gravity III ballast tanks, stereo system, wake plate settings and Zero Off cruise control. The Vision system also provides built-in GPS plotting and navigation, which allows you to pinpoint your position at all times. Another great feature is the ability to plug in a camcorder to watch on the LCD or plug in an iPod to watch movies or an instructional video.

Available On

Supra Sunsport 20V, Supra Launch 21V, Supra Launch 22V, and Supra Launch 242


Tige Boats' TigeTouch is the first touch-screen display put in a wakeboard boat. The 6.5-inch anti-glare screen performs every function you'll need, from filling the ballast to adjusting speed, controlling the stereo and plotting your course. TigeTouch also has amazing features like TigéYou, which will save up to 20 different riding profiles, and TigeVision, which utilizes an on-board camera to capture and save riding footage from the tower.

Available On:

Tige RZR, Tige RZ2, Tige RZ4, Tige 24Ve, Tige 22Ve and Tige Z1.