Editor’s Picks: Danny Harf’s 2011 Ronix One Boots

October 9, 2010

2011 Ronix One wakeboard bindings

Sizes: 6/7, 8-12, 13/14


A year ago, we asked Ronix to send us a pair of Danny Harf’s Ronix One wakeboard boots. We didn’t tell them it was for a video we were making for the 2009 WSIA Product of the Year award. Due to some miscommunication, they sent the brand-new 2010 models to us instead. They just happened to be my size so, of course, they went straight onto my board. With minimal design (as opposed to all the clunky moon boots out there), the Ronix One boots made my whole setup feel super-light. I also noticed how light they are even when they are soaked, compared to other boots that use too much spongy material. I soon changed boards from a 146- to a 141-inch, and that made a big difference as well.


Since this is a new review section called Editor’s Picks, I’m going to give you a real-deal review on what I believe are the best products in the industry. After riding the One boots, I was completely hooked. Being 6 feet 1 inch tall, I don’t like to be any taller than I already am while riding, so I really loved the baseless design and being low to the board. I never noticed insufficient padding below the foot. Being close to the board is key.

Another cool thing about the 2010 One boots was how they really gripped to my feet in all areas, with a cushy feel, compared to a lot of other boots on the market. The magnetic flap works perfectly to hide the lower laces, and the top lace handle latches into a notch on the side of your ankle. I knocked that latch out frequently, so it’s good to hear Ronix reinforced it for 2011. I noticed some boots out there do have less heel lift than the One boots. I don’t really notice heel lift while riding, but that might be the only area for improvement on these boots, if any.

Once I let a beginner use my board, and he ripped one of the pull clips out of the lace lock. I kept riding these boots by tying the laces because I liked them so much. This is also improved for 2011, with stronger teeth inside the locks. Ronix’s theory is that “a boot is only as strong as its weakest link.”


The fit of the 2011 One boots is also improved for this year with the Intuition+ liner. The inside of the liner is moldable for a good fit, and the outside of the liner is also molded. That feature really helps eliminate dead space and pressure points. Some other bonus features in my eyes were the tool-less mounting system (new-school thumb screws) and an eco-friendly design with no PVC solvents. Plus, you feel like a total badass knowing Danny Harf rides the same boots. Right now, you’ll see him on the limited black-and-yellow model. “These are by far the best-fitting, most supportive boots I’ve ever ridden,” Harf says. “And they turn heads — people can’t miss ’em!”


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