I'm A Rider: Gretta Kruesi

Gretta Kruesi

Model, kiteboarder, artist, conservationist and wakeboarder.

Charleston, South Carolina

WBM: Who would be more fun to date, a wakeboarder or a kiteboarder? Whether it's wakeboarding, kiteboarding or surfing, it doesn't matter as long as we can play around, have fun and support each other on the water. A killer session is that much sweeter if you've got someone to share the experience with.

How has wakeboarding influenced your kiteboarding? Wakeboarding has had a huge influence. From the fundamentals of load and pop to unhooked tricks, now even to boots and rails, freestyle techniques all stem from wakeboarding.

Favorite pro wakeboarder? Dallas Friday.

What do you like about wakeboarding? It challenges me. I'm a big believer in pushing my personal limits. Trying a new trick can be scary. I have to commit before I act. My natural tendency is to play it safe. But there's no high like overcoming one's fears and just going for it.

What do you think about cable parks? I think they're a great, economical way to introduce wakeboarding to the public without having to buy an $80,000 boat. As a conservationist, I think that it's the most "green" or energy-efficient way to get the most people on the water. If a country like Germany, that's not even half the size of Texas, has more than 60 cable parks, while the U.S. has fewer than 10, there's a lot of opportunity to make wakeboarding more accessible and sustainable.

What's more important, money or fun? Definitely fun! You're young once, live once, so do the things you love. Fun and lazy are not the same thing either. Follow your passions, work hard at them, and the money will follow.

Turn-ons? Independence, a healthy lifestyle, a sense of humor, a touch of chivalry (I'm kind of old-fashioned that way) and a laid-back, positive attitude.

Turn-offs? Putting other people down, liars, narrow-mindedness, drugs, couch potatoes and a dirty kitchen.

What would be a dream day for you? All good days start with a solid breakfast. Then I'd head out for a glassy morning of surfing or wakeboarding with friends. Midday, depending on my mood, I'd either do something creative and alone, like painting, or I'd spend some quality time with someone I cared about. Then in the late afternoon, a sunset kite session. I'd finish the day with good food, music and friends.

Dream date? We'd do some activity that's creative or outdoorsy during the day, followed by a night out, maybe discovering a new restaurant, going to an art show or seeing live music. Extra points if the guy secretly planned any of it — thoughtfulness goes a long way._

Photos: Eric Bradshaw and Lacoste.