First Look: Epic 21se: First Electric Wakeboard Boat

Epic Boats delivered 2009's most surprising wakeboard boat innovation when it debuted the Epic 23e, the world's first hybrid electric sport boat, last February. Now, the San Diego boat brand has unveiled the next step in its wakeboard boat green movement — the all-electric Epic 21se.

Like the 23e, the Epic 21se is powered by hundreds of pounds of lithium ion batteries. Unlike the 23e, the 21se can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge, giving boaters a full day on the water before they have to plug the boat back in. The Epic 21se's battery pack can be recharged through its plug-in charger, which accepts any voltage source, or by an external generator, which runs on both diesel and bio-diesel.

Epic Boats is now taking orders on the new Epic 21se.

Epic 21se Specs

Length: 22' 2"

Width: 8' 6"

Weight: 5,800 pounds

Seating: 10