First Look: Nautique's 2010 Wakeboard Boat Innovations

Nautique Boats recently revealed its slate of innovations for its 2010 lineup of wakeboard boats. A new wakeboard tower, saltwater package and an entirely new boat model —the Crossover Nautique 226 — are among the advancements. Check out Nautique's new 2010 features below, then go in depth on each at the newly redesigned


Flight Control Tower 4

Nautique Boats has never been a brand to rest on its laurels when it comes to its wakeboard towers. That’s why it comes as little surprise that a year after releasing the third generation of its iconic Flight Control Towers Nautique is giving wakeboard boat buyers yet another option to choose from. The Flight Control Tower 4, or FCT4, is Nautique Boats’ lowest-folding wakeboard tower design ever. Two locking arms release the tower, allowing a single operator to easily fold it down near the windshield for storage.


Nautique LINC System

The all-new Nautique Linc system takes all the analog gauges that used to pepper wakeboard boat dashes and integrates their functions into an all-encompassing digital gauge. With the Nautique LINC system, wakeboard boat drivers can easily move between screens that show everything from performance and engine information to ballast levels, GPS mapping and stereo controls. You can even watch videos.


Coastal Edition

PCM's Crusader Watersports Series (CWS) engine is at the heart of Nautique's new Coastal Edition, which is specifically designed with coastal wakeboarders in mind. PCM's CWS engine boasts a host of features, including the full freshwater cooling system and stainless-steel components and hardware, that are designed to successfully withstand the rigors of saltwater use.

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