Photo Gallery: Trinity River Round Up

September 30, 2009

The Monster Energy Trinity River Round Up was the brainchild of Texas wakeskater Clint Tompkins. One of the winch’s earliest and most ardent adopters, Tompkins is always looking for a sweet new spot to ride and he found one on the Trinity River just south of downtown Fort Worth.

On September 19, Tompkins invited 13 other wakeskaters to session his secret spot. Four obstacles — a fun box, incline rail, kicker and the Monster wall ride — were constructed over a 24-foot spillway on the Trinity. Pulled by a PWC, the contest had a freeride format and the best trick over each of the four obstacles as well as over the gap would earn $1,000.

Monster Energy’s Trinity River Round Up was unique for a couple of reasons. It was the first pro-level wakeskate competition to take place over a spillway in a natural urban setting, and the freeride format with no eliminations gave every rider an opportunity to compete from start to finish.


Dieter Humpsch worked the kicker all day, progressing with each hit. First it was a back 180, then a back 360, and finally, a switch TS 540, which won him best trick on that obstacle. On the incline rail, Steve Campbell’s switch boardslide 270 out earned him $1000. Travis Doran and Andrew Pastura battled it out on the fun box, but Doran’s blunt shove was not enough to overcome Pastura’s 270 shove to front board. On his first attempt at the gap, George Daniels landed a flawless frontside flip and locked up a grand. And last, but certainly not least, James Balzer and Clint Tompkins both laid down some sick tricks on the Monster Energy wall ride, but the riders thought Tomkins’ super-clean 270 shove front board earned him the win and the final $1000 check. In addition to the grand, winners also took home custom-forged Trinity River Roundup branding iron trophies.

Invited Riders:

Clint Tompkins

George Daniels


Aaron Reed

Andrew Pastura

Dieter Humpsch


Steve Campbell

James Balzer

Grant Roberts


Matt Hooker

Travis Doran

Collin Gee

Beau Parker

Charlie Hewitt

Stefan Schriewer

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Photos: Spencer Smith, Jeremy Linebaugh, Zach Moniz, Jacob Bocanegra and Bill Geiger


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