Interview with Ms. WAKEBOARDING March

April 3, 2009

Kayla Byrd, aka “WakeChick01,” has been dubbed Ms. WAKEBOARDING for the month of March. Check out our Q&A with Kayla below to learn some interesting facts about this Georgian southern bell.

If you’re a chick wakeboarder and think you have the looks and the moves to win this competition, sign up for the April contest here. One of the monthly winners will be crowned the 2009 Ms. WAKEBOARDING grand prize winner at the end of the year, so keep checking the site for more information.



Name: Kayla N. Byrd

Age: 18

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia


Occupation: I’m a receptionist at a real estate company.

School: I’m currently not in school since I’m working for a real estate company, but I’m hoping to eventually get a degree in radiology.

On the ipod: 311, Sublime, Disturbed and OAR


Favorite magazines: WAKEBOARDING Mag, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness for HER

Favorite food: Mexican, especially cheese dip with chips. I could probably eat it every day, but I’ve got to try to stay in shape.

Favorite movie: Crazy/Beautiful, it’s such a good movie. And Parks Bonifay’s section in Counterfeit This definitely gets you pumped.


Pets: My little dog Louie who chews up everything, and Precious who lies around waiting to be scratched. There’s also Otto, my boyfriend’s pitbull.

How did you get into wakeboarding?

My boyfriend taught me in freezing cold weather on his board, which is huge, but I was determined to get up and ride cause it’s not so much fun just sitting in the boat watching. I’m definitely not the best, but I get better and better every time. I love to try different stuff. Even if it looks like I have no hope the first time, I’ll keep trying till I get it.

What’s your favorite part about riding?

Just getting out in the water and feeling free, not having a worry in the world. It’s just so much fun riding with your friends, laughing and yelling. It’s a good cardio workout too. Seeing other people out there riding and learning all the new tricks and techniques is fun too. Sometimes it’s even good to learn to wipeout a little more gracefully.

What kind of board/gear do you use?

Right now, a Hyperlite Eden. I would love to get a new board soon though. I sometimes ride my boyfriend’s board, it’s hard, but I manage. We just all kind of toss the boards around. I usually wear a different vest most of the time, but I really like Jet Pilot vests. I’m so tiny, they seem to fit pretty good.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

The Savannah River. I love to ride down there because it’s so smooth. The north end of the lock and dam is kinda crowded, so we switch it up and ride to the south end of the lock and dam. There’s just a real good vibe down there.

What do you think of the girls who entered the contest, but don’t actually ride?

I mean, I wished the best of luck to everybody—but who knows, they may or may not wakeboard. If not they’re definitely missing out. But this is WAKEBOARDING Mag, so we would all rather see girls who ride. I love riding, so I’d much rather see a girl with love for the sport win.

Why did you enter the contest?

I was on the website just looking around and came across the contest, so I figured, “Hey, why not?” I like wakeboarding, the site is amazing—it has all kinds of news and info—and I would LOVE the exposure.

Future plans for riding?

Hopefully, getting good enough to have a future in it. I would love to enter a tournament eventually. Even if I don’t win, I think it would be awesome to just get out and ride with new people and travel to different places to see the different atmospheres and parks.

What’s your favorite thing to do when not riding?

Working out at the gym. I also love the outdoors. I’m just getting into shooting guns, but honestly, I kind of suck. I love hanging out with the family, we’re all real close. Trying to watch my ‘rents wakeboard is a show in itself.


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