April Chicks Contest

March was stacked with ladies, and it made a really difficult choice. In the end, Southern Belle Kayla Byrd put in the most effort and it was evident she was a real wakeboard cutie. As a winner of one of the monthly contests, Kayla gets a pair of Hinge bindings from CWB (if you haven't tried these things, check out ridecwb.com and see for yourself how easy they are to get on), a spot in WAKEBOARDING magazine's June issue, as well as automatic entrance into the 2009 year-end contest with bigger and better prizes and more exposure.

All you have to do to be eligible for the contest is submit a photo to the April Chicks Contest photo channel on mywake.tv. At the end of the month we will pick the hottest chick/most hardcore rider, and when the dust settles, one chick will come out victorious with a bunch of prizes, so start uploading today!

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