New Large-Format Gallery: Nike 6.0’s Retention

September 16, 2011

After checking out Josh Letchworth’s photos from Nike 6.0’s Retention wakeskate event at Ben Horan’s place, we figured it was as good a time as any to break out out our new large-format photo galleries. Enjoy.

Host Ben Horan and announcer Thomas Horrell
Josh Kirby, Nick Taylor and James Blazer wait for their pull.
Nick Taylor frontside flips the drop during the qualifier
Classic Manzari
Money for meat
Nick Taylor
Kyle Walton no complies the side of the concrete drop.
Kyle Walton: Concussed, bloody, but happy
Leo Labadens ollies over the ledge
The Retention setup consisted of two cement ledges and a cement drop.
Brian Grubb
All artsy and shit
Camped out for the finals
Nick Taylor frontside flips during the finals

Andrew Pastura

Ben Horan back lips one of the two cement ledges he built with his own hands.
Leo Labadens switch frontside flip
Travis Doran varial flips the drop
Leo Labadens
Ben Horan varial heels the drop during the finals.
1. Ben Horan 2. Nick Taylor 3. Leo Lebadens

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