Photo Gallery: Rockstar Cable Jam Final Results

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Wakeskating's premier contest series concluded Sunday at the OWC in Orlando, Florida, as 25 of the world's best riders battled it out for the Rockstar Cable Jam and the coveted Toe Jam overall season title.

Toe Jam fans packed the shoreline while celebrating the Fourth of July watching the historic events as they unfolded. All the riders were pumped riding under sunny skies on glassy water and the Toe Jam vibe was in full swing.

Top moves of the day were a switch mute 180 glide off the kicker by Dieter Humpsch, Bret Little's 270 shove onto the box, shove off, John Ruark's varial flip on / shove off the box and a 360 flip from Reed Hansen and Matt Manzari during their head-to-head battle.

The final two riders battling in the final were Stu Shinn and Bret Little. Shinn laid down a solid run with a boardslide big spin, backside big spin, 360 shove, kickflip, backside flip and backside 360 off the kicker.

Little, the Texas native who rides for Byerly Boards and Rockstar Energy Drink, is a local at the TSR cable and looked as comfortable as ever during his finals run. Highlights were his 270 shove to back lip shove, kickflip, back lip / boardslide shove, slob 360 and switch backside 360 off the kicker. The difficulty of his run, combined with the variety of moves utilizing the whole course earned him the Rockstar Cable Jam title.

The road to victory wasn't easy, "It was pretty wild and really intense," Little said. "Everybody came out firing and it's awesome to see everyone riding so well on the cable. The Toe Jam is the best series in the sport right now, and we need it really bad. Next year's gonna be amazing."

Tension was in the air as the coveted season title was on the line as well. Reed Hansen advanced further than Brian Grubb, earning him the overall title, with Brandon Thomas taking third. Hansen definitely earned it, while stomping a quarterfinals run including four flip tricks and solid rail hits. "It's an awesome feeing to ride consitent all year" said Hansen. "I can't wait to get out and hit some spots with my new Grinch winch I won for the overall."

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