Arizona Results and Recap - Day Two


Once again, Phoenix turned out to be hot. Shocker. Turns out the arid desert climate is perfect for creating rider-melting, shaved-ice-craving, slider-sticking sultriness that again turned normal crowds into cave people who sweated out roughly 47 times their normal daily intake of water. Over 80 riders melted into the Phoenix pavement, never to be seen again. We consulted with junior mens phenom Bob Soven on some of his thoughts (the grammar is unedited, but some content was heavily edited for general decency).

"Phoenix was one of the most unbearable dry heated places, the lake was glassed over with left over jet boat fuel, layers of salt and much more unknown elements. The wakeboarding was great with many hammers and straight airs being performed on the unsavory waters. We saw the first toeside seven hundred degree turn in the womens division from amber wing she came out on second not a bad showing from the pro women they have nice butts. Junior men was pushing the pros again, Danny Burnstien, Bob Soven, Harley Clifford, Jimmy Lariche all threw down. I started off with a fall but came back to battle with the money maker, nose crobius to the flats, back 5 and heel 9 off the double up (2 for 2 this year honestly never even tried one at home just a contest thing ha) good enough for second only lost by 1.5 points. Harley had a couple rough falls but still pulled out third. Jimmy did the usual slashing killing the rails, water, air and sea monsters throwing tricks unspeakable taking the top spot on the podium. Pro men had quite the showing, Rusty started out with back to back heel sevens, J.D. rode smooth into third, he's made every finals this year kudos to J.D. on that. Now Bob's brother (Phillip Soven) had quite the run with some speculations at the end of his second pass where he fell and got a jolting injury nothing long term, enough to keep him on the boat for a good 10 minutes. Some thought phil was faking words were exchanged, actions were not taken so on and so on. Bob's brother hit his double up won in fairy tale fashion, but not before the drama went down. That is why we are called wakeboarders hopefully we get a tv show soon on MTV that gets the inside scoop on all the drama kind of a laguna beach but with grown men doing there oh so hard

profession of being a pro wakeboarder."

-Bob Soven

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour: Phoenix, AZ
Sunday, June 29