Cable Parks 2011: Hydrous Wake Parks

June 2, 2011

When it opens this summer in Dallas, Hydrous Wake Parks might just be the most picturesque cable park in America. Located in Dallas’ Allen Station, Hydrous will offer stunning views in addition to an insane setup. In fact, riders will traverse a bridge that overlooks a remarkable ravine to get to the start dock. But Hydrous will offer far more than beautiful views. The six-tower full-size cable will be complemented by a pair of Sesitec System 2.0 parks and one of the most complete sets of structures in the country.

Twice the 2.0

A pair of System 2.0 parks will flank Hydrous’ main cable, making it only the second park in North America, along with Adrenaline Adventures, to feature such a setup. One of the two-tower systems will be dedicated to helping beginners pick up wakeboarding as quickly as possible. The other will tow advanced riders over a double-sided kicker, fun box and the country’s only quarter-pipe.

Rails galore

Hydrous will become just the third park in the United States to feature a clockwise-rotating cable, which makes it a dream come true for left-foot-forward riders. It will also be a rail rider’s paradise with a full setup of Pat Panakos-designed Unit Park Tech obstacles, including a kicker, boxes and a rooftop rail.


Center of it all

With Hydrous’ three cables, you could ride all day long, but there’s plenty more to keep you stoked. The park will have a restaurant and a beach scene with volleyball, and Hydrous is located right next to the Edge skate park, which is the largest skate park in Texas.

Hydrous Wake Parks

Phone: 214-755-9905



Rates: $25 to $35 (2 hours to all day)


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