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Wakeboard Boat Review

The Super Air Nautique G21 is a stylish wake powerhouse in a convenient size. It's so deep that it feels huge inside, but it's still only 21 feet so it's easy to drive and trailer. The G21 has nearly the same internal sub-floor ballast as the 23 and 25, so you get that much more hull-sinking potential with this little boat. Same goes for underwater gear; it's all the same size as the bigger brothers so every time you tweak a setting you get more response from this comparatively little hull. When you're adjusting settings you're doing it in the LINC system. This little boat has a ton of features, and you can control almost all of them from the helm. Ballast, speed control, wake shaping, the new brighter LED lighting, climate control, audio and much more; it's all manageable from the LINC system. Also controllable from the LINC screen is the Nautique Surf System. NSS is a plate on either side of the boat's transom that creates a wave from an evenly weighted boat. Switch the wave from side to side while you're surfing without moving an ounce of weight, which opens the door to transfers and surfing your opposite side much more often.