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Wakeboard Boat Review

The Sport Nautique 200 is a great little all-around boat for multisport crews who want a nimble, easy to handle boat. At the helm, the LINC system does all the heavy lifting. It's a digital screen with plenty of features to set this boat up without moving from the captain's chair. Control the lighting, audio, wake shaping, ballast and more from one screen. This is really handy in a boat that will be used for multiple sports because you just set presets, hit the button and you're ready to go. The interior-saving sun pad walk over is really handy. It's extra wide and covered with marine grade foam so your interior will be safe from people walking back and forth from the water to the lounge. This is something you'll appreciate down the line because Nautiques can really hold their value if they're well cared for, and the interior is a big part of that. And finally, the Flight Control Tower. If you don't think a tower is a big deal, try collapsing one that isn't counter balanced. This tower is solid, it unlocks easily and it works perfectly with the look of the boat. All those things together make this tower one of the best on the market.