2015 Tigé Z3 REVIEW


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Wakeboard Boat Review

Tige's Z3 has long been a solid performer in the 23 foot category, and its only been improved for 2015 with a new touch screen interface and the AVX surf package. The Z3 has an incredible listed surf wave no matter what, and the AVX Surf System makes it even better. The system allows you to customize your wave while you're surfing with the new Surf Link remote. You wear the remote on your wrist and adjust the AdaptiVX hull extension up or down to create different types of waves. Go anywhere from a steep and tall wave to a mellow and long wave without ever talking to the driver. Not just about function, Tige has been prioritizing style in their boats for a long time. The Z3 showcases the signature lines, textures and accent colors that make Tige one of the best looking boats on the market. Diamond stitching, a new gunmetal matte finish and textured vinyls take the Z3 to the next level of plush, ergonomic style. Finally, Tigetouch is one of our favorite touch screen systems in an inboard and it was improved for 2015. It's really simple to use and it controls everything in your boat. Your lighting, speed control, ballast, wake shaping device—everything is easily controlled through TigeTouch and now you can even customize buttons within multiple different home screens.