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Wakeboard Boat Review

At exactly 20 feet, MasterCraft‘s X20 is small in overall length, but feels huge inside and makes an absolutely massive surf wave. The surf potential on the X20 is without question its biggest selling point. The Gen 2 system allows you to surf either side at any time by pushing a button on the touch screen. You don’t have to move any weight around; you just pick a mellow or steep setting and you’re off to the races.


MasterCraft designed the Gen 2 system to generate a solid wave on either side and it delivers with symmetry and power. The tower fits perfectly with the boat’s overall style. It has an intuitive design that raises and lowers with ease; all you have to do is unlock each side and you can move the tower up or down fully loaded without a problem.

And finally we have to point out the fit and finish. MasterCraft has always paid attention to the details so it’s not a surprise to see an excellent finish throughout the boat. Billet everywhere, perfect vinyl stitching, and superior materials—it’s all classic MasterCraft quality that will stand the test of time.


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